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"The more you do your homework, the more you’re free to be intuitive: but you’ve got to put the work in” - Edward Norton




"Casting is everything. Getting the person that you imagined is the character and then seeing what they bring to it ." - Steve Buscemi







Faces of Wendy is a Calgary based talent agency lead with competitive vigor by Olympian and experienced movie insider Wendy Lumby.  With over 15 years of working ‘on-set’ in a variety of capacities, Wendy has forged positive working relationships with casting directors, advertiser, producers and other talent management insiders.


Representing a variety of people from the uninitiated person looking to experience the film and television industry as a background worker to the seasoned actor/actress looking for a reoccurring or breakthrough role.  Faces of Wendy is always looking for fresh and distinctive looking people of all ages and ethnicities, providing the movie industry Calgary’s most comprehensive selection of talent.




"My secret to all casting, and specifically kids, is cast really good human beings."

- M. Night Shyamalan



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Calgary is experiencing a new growth trajectory within the Film & Television industry.  Each month we see new filming production's  such as television series, Canadian and Hollywood movies and advertising t.v. commercials. This new growth often brings with it speaking and principle role opportunities for professional local actors. Faces of Wendy provides the information and opportunity for clients to submit for these roles.  Based on the productions criteria, selected actors will have the opportunity to showcase their acting ability by auditioning in front of the Casting Directors.






Always searching for new people of all ages, sizes and ethnicities, Faces of Wendy provides productions with the most comprehensive selection of local people for background acting. Whether you are looking for a rancher or rail worker from 1890’s, a 70’s biker, an 80’s business woman, a 90’s soccer mom, or a current day hipster, the Faces of Wendy’s vast roster of people is a first choice for selection.        




Faces Of Wendy